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Columbines are a ubiquitous garden plant, and wouldn't you know we have a few native varieties! This one is the most widespread western Montana columbine, and is appropiately named for the creamy yellow color of its nodding flower and delicate spurs. This flower is a bumblebee favorite. 

You won't traditionally find yellow columbine down in a valley setting; they prefer cool moist slopes at higher elevation. Therefore, plan to irrigate this fellow and definitely consider planting where it will get at least afternoon shade. Columbine vary somewhat in height depending on growing conditions, but expect around 18" in an irrigated garden setting.


As a bonus (depending on your point of view), the seeds are easy to collect and the plants tend to spread via seed in their immediate vicinity. 


First photo credit: Ghislain118 (AD), CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

yellow columbine

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