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What Should I Plant??

There are a lot of plants out there, and let's face it: not enough space in your garden. Also, plants have preferences and needs. Not all of them are going to thrive with the conditions you have to offer.
I doodled up some guides for general habitat types based on amount of light and amount of water you're willing to employ. These are just to give you a general idea...if something catches your eye, search for it in the Plants section for more detailed information.
* Even very drought-hardy plants will need regular irrigation the first year or so to establish. 
  • plants with more of these symbols are generalists, able to survive a range of conditions. They are good plants to start with because they are more forgiving.
  • when I say things like 'water only in drought,' I'm describing a minimum for survival. Minimal water will not result in a giant lush specimen (it might even go dormant)! But it will likely live. In general, more water = more flowers or a longer bloom time. Nature can be stingy with the sprinkler, as it were. But you can also overdo it, so check the specifics for each plant.

Botanical names for all my fellow nerds:


1. Rosa woodsii 2. Symphoricarpos albus 3. Rubus parviflorus 4. Spiraea douglasii 5. Leymus cinereus 6. Pseudoroegnia spicata 7. Symphiotrichum laeve 8. Artemisia frigida 9. Grindelia squarrosa 10. Geranium viscosissimum 11. Erigeron speciosus 12. Erigeron divergens 13. Achillea millefolium 14. Heterotheca villosa 15. Geum triflorum 16. Gaillardia aristata 17. Monarda fistulosa 18. Philadelphus lewisii 19. Holodiscus discolor 20. Physocarpos malvaceus 21. Calamagrostis rubescens 22. Campanula rotundifolia 23. Silene menziesii 24. Fragaria virginiana 25. Ribes hudsonianum 26. Arnica cordifolia 27. Athyrium felix-femina 28. Mitella stauropetala 29. Amelanchier alnifolia 30. Prunus virginiana 31. Sambucus cerulea 32. Rudbeckia occidentalis 33. Solidago canadensis 34. Mimulus lewisii 35. Mimulus guttatus 36. Anaphalis margaritacea 37. Erigeron glabellus 38. Helenium autumnale 39. Agastache urticifolia 40. Pteridium aquilinum 41. Heuchera cylindrica 42. Sedum stenopetalum 43. Phlox missouliensis 44. Lewisia rediviva 45. Penstemon eriantherus 46. Packera cana 47. Antennaria rosea 48. Koeleria macrantha 49. Eriogonum ovalifolium 50. Penstemon wilcoxii 51. Erigeron compositus 52. Arenaria capillaris

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