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5/19/23: Thanks for all your support so far this season! Many items are sold out currently, but fear not: stock will continue to update as more plants mature!

Check out the Plant Finder or this infographic for plant suggestions

Inventory changes quickly! If a species you are interested in isn't available, contact us for estimates on when it will be back in stock. 

Our plants range from low water grassland species to those that like the dry shade of the forest understory to water-loving streamside species.


Use the menu to look through our shrubs, ferns, perennials (plants that overwinter and return year after year), and grasses. Note the light and water requirements to find the perfect fit for your site. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about what might work best for you. Finding the right plant for your situation is crucial for a successful planting! 

We are a young nursery, and many stock require several years to reach saleable size (some species need multiple years just to germinate!). We appreciate your patience as we slowly add quantities, species, and pot sizes to our inventory.


If there is an out of stock species you are interested in, contact us to find out when it will be ready. Some are only a few weeks out!

Pricing and container sizing information can be found here.