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We have two species of miterwort (M. stauropetala and M. nuda) that for the sake of garden ecology we consider the same. This description refers to both species. 


Miterwort starts out as a delightful little clump of lobed leaves, pleasing but fairly inconspicuous. Then suddenly, in early spring, it sends up towering graceful wands lined, machine-like, with precise rows of intricate alien flowers. They dance in the slightest breeze before most other things in your garden have managed to put on more than a couple of leaves. 


Miterwort likes moist forest, stream edges, and shaded roadcuts. It goes well with heartleaf arnica, largeleaf avens, raceme pussytoes, wild strawberry, and ferns. Just take care that the clump of leaves doesn't get overrun by more aggressive neighbors. 


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  • Mitella stauropetala, Mitella nuda
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