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Narrow leaved fleabane is an adorable little plant that inhabits dry rocky ridges, grassland, and sagebrush steppe. It is short and compact, sporting a tuft of narrow greyish leaves and a handful of cheerful yellow daisy-like flowers. Out of sight, a long taproot breaks through rocky soils, allowing this species to survive harsh dry, sunny, and windy conditions.


If you have a sunny rock garden, or soil that seems to consist of lumps of rock, or just a spot that gets blasted by the sun, narrow leaved fleabane might be your plant. Like all planted natives, it will need water the first season or two to establish that taproot.


Due to its small stature it can easily be out-competed by larger or more aggressive plants. It does great with many of our cushion plants as companions, especially cutleaf daisy, woolly groundsel, and cushion buckwheat, and other little dry-site plants like bitterroot, blazing star, prairie junegrass, and alberta penstemon.


narrow leaved fleabane

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  • Erigeron linearis

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