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Idaho fescue is a versatile, tolerant, and attractive little bunchgrass that thrives in a garden setting. The green-grey foliage provides some eye relief in the garden and makes a nice backdrop for showy flowering species. Idaho fescue is small and fairly compact, making it suitable for borders. Keep in mind that the more water it gets, the more space it will take up. 


In our area you'll find Idaho fescue growing in open forest, dry grasslands, and rocky ridges. This veratility means any low water species are suitable companions, but it looks especially lovely with blanket flower, hairy goldenaster, harebell, wild bergamot, pussytoes, and yarrow. This species will reseed readily, so either clip the seed heads before they shatter, or surround it with other closely spaced plants. 

Idaho fescue

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  • Festuca idahoensis
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