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Have you ever thought: 'What I'd really like is a mini hedge that is absolutely covered with places for pollinators to stuff their adorable little faces'? Well make that dream a reality with Eaton's aster and its fabulously prolific blooms. 


This particular species grows along streams, ditches, and ponds, and as such will want moist soil and regular irrigation. It definitely prefers full sun but tolerates partial shade. Rosettes of smooth bright green leaves are hidden by tall bracts of hundreds of little white to pink daisy-like flowers in late summer. While not super tall, the bracts are densely flowered, attracting small pollinators in droves.


Plant this with blue vervain and maximilain sunflower for an idiotic number of late summer flowers. 

Eaton's aster

  • Symphyotrichum eatonii

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