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Wild tarragon is a type of sage that grows in our grasslands. It's one of our taller sages, and once you have an eye for it, you'll notice it peaking out from patches of bluebunch wheatgrass and rough fescue.


Technically this is the same species as the tarragon used for cooking, but the cooking variety is a particular cultivar with lots of flavor; our wild type is relatively bland. Still, this tall gangly sage adds structure and a nice height component to a prairie meadow planting, and the drooping bracts of small round flowers provide fall and winter interest. Plant with bunchgrasses and colorful prairie flowers (such as blanket flower, hairy golden aster, and aspen daisy) for a garden with a full range of textures, sizes, and colors. 

wild tarragon

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  • Artemisia dracunculus
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