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There are a lot of tasty raspberry cultivars out there, but when you are restoring a native habitat, only the wild type will do. And trust me, the berries are just as good. 


Wild raspberry grows in moist sun or partly shaded streambanks, thickets, and rock outcropping (anywhere it can grab a little extra water). Bees, especially bumblebees, love the simple white flowers. It's not as aggresive as many cultivars, and will mingle nicely with thimbleberry, snowberry, and wild rose. It is still a raspberry, though, so it's likely going to wander a little; keep that in mind when choosing a site. 


Also goes well with lady, male, and bracken ferns, nettle-leaf giant hyssop, streamside daisy, miterwort, wild strawberry, and largeleaf avens. 

wild raspberry

  • Rubus idaeus
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