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This honeysuckle is a shrub (not a vine!) found creekside and near seeps and wet meadows in our subalpine forests. In the spring it sports rich yellow flowers with curious bracts that change from green to red as it develops glossy black berries. The bumblebees love this plant because it's one of the first shrubs to flower in the spring (plus the flowers are tucked within the foliage, so I dunno, maybe that's fun for them).


In the garden, this species will appreciate regular irrigation and some protection from hot afternoon sun (especially if you are living in the valley bottom!). It is the perfect addition to a thicket planting, and will appreciate the sun and wind protection provided by neighboring shrubs.


Plant with inland currant, black gooseberry, and black elderberry shrubs. Appropriate forb companions include angelica, cow parsnip, streamside daisy, and any of our ferns. 

twinberry honeysuckle

  • Lonicera involucrata

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