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Like other pussytoes species, tall pussytoes has beautiful silver foliage that spreads via rhizomes. Unlike the other species, the leaves are long and the plants can be quite tall, meaning they should be treated as more of a clumping perennial than a groundcover in the garden. This versatile pussytoes can live happily in open sun and bright shade, and will tolerate a variety of watering regimes. Clusters of soft frilly round flower heads bloom in late spring - early summer: icing on the cake!


Due to this plant's lovely soft silver leaves, it looks fantastic with anything colorful. I like it with heartleaf arnica, prairie star, and little larkspur for a showy partially shaded spring display, or blanketflower, slender cinquefoil, and small-flower penstemon for sunnier spots and later blooms. 

tall pussytoes

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  • Antennaria anaphaloides
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