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Yellow penstemon is endemic to open and wooded slopes high in the Bitterroot Mountains, meaning that's the only place on the planet you'll find it. It's also one of the few yellow penstemons, and you'll get to enjoy its creamy to ochre-colored blooms in late May/early June (here in the Valley). 


Yellow penstemon is short in stature, and in many ways resembles small-flower penstemon. Because it grows naturally on rocky slopes at significant altitude, it will need a little extra irrigation in the Valley to keep it comfortable. It prefers full sun and well-drained rocky soil, but shade, especially in the afternoon, is welcome down here at lower elevation. 


The seeds for these plants were collected sustainably in partnership with the Montana Native Plant Society from their UM garden specimens. 

yellow penstemon

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  • Penstemon flavescens

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