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I love this plant so much. Rocky mountain beeplant lives up to its name. The bees go crazy for it, and since it's an annual (meaning it lives a single year), it will continue to bloom, and bloom, and get the picture. Each plant produces seemingly endless ranks of fancy pink/purple flowers. The fading flowers turn into bean-like pods whose seeds drop to the ground, ensuring a continuous colony of beeplants from year to year. The seeds are also easy to hand collect and sprinkle around other areas you want future beeplants. 


Beeplants do well on pretty minimal water, where they will grow to about 18" tall. However, if you irrigate them, or plant them in rich soil, you might get a giant 4' beeplant with tremendous numbers of flowers (and happy bees). Consider yourself warned...

Rocky mountain beeplant

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  • Cleome serrulata
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