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Prickly currant (and the very similar sticky currant - I group the two together for landscaping purposes) are short shrubs of moist forest and streamside habitats. They like water and they like shade. In the late summer they produce strings of black, plump berries that wildlife will enjoy. 


These shrubs do have little prickles, so they're probably not the best choice next to paths and patios, however it does make them less palatable to deer. They are good choices for shady areas with sprinkler overspray or roof runoff, and they tend to be well-behaved, especially when planted with a diverse set of companions, such as twinflower, heart-leaf arnica, mitrewort, creeping dogbane, and western coneflower.

prickly currant

  • Ribes lacustre/ Ribes viscosissimum
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