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Northern black currant is a non-fussy, streamside shrub that can handle a variety of light conditions and prolonged flooding. As a bonus, it provides berries for the garden critters. Also known somewhat unflatteringly as stinking currant, this shrub does have a noticable sweet oder when the leaves are bruised. I personally like it, but it's something you might want to experience before committing to planting one outside your door!


Currants in general (and this one is no exception) like moist habitat and thus will require regular water. This shrub is ideal for areas of sprinkler overspray. It will spread a bit, so limit water to where you'd like the plant if this is a concern. Fall color is an interesting dark bronze. Goes well with horsemint, seep and lewis's monkeyflower, and ferns.

northern black currant

  • Ribes hudsonianum
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