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Mountain douglasia is an adorable cushion plant that resembles a little green pincushion covered in pink flowers. It is one of our very first plants to bloom in the spring, and it can look out of place on the cold rocky windswept ridges it inhabits, especially when everything else is still brown and dormant. You may have seen them along Waterworks around early April. Douglasia has a tidy mounding habit and stays green all year, so there is something to enjoy even after flowering has wrapped up. 


This plant has a few strict requirements: well-drained soil (rocks a big plus), full sun, infrequent watering, and no aggressive spreading neighbors. Other than that, this guy is low maintenance.


Suggested companions are cutleaf daisy, cushion buckwheat, woolly groundsel, and Missoula phlox.

mountain douglasia

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  • Douglasia montana

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