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Golden currant is named for its yellow flowers, not the berries (which are black). I just wanted to get that out of the way.


It's a robust deciduous shrub that tolerates a wide range of soil and moisture types, and as such is great as a restoration species. It's generally found near streamside thickets but up on the drier benches, and for a currant it's remarkably drought and sun tolerant. Keep in mind though that it will be a fuller, taller shrub with more water and/or some afternoon shade. The early-season yellow flowers are quite pretty, and the berries have excellent wildlife value. 


Golden currant will spread sporadically via rhizomes (ie suckering) so keep that in mind if you are looking for a 'well-behaved' shrub. The rhizomes are not nearly as vigorous as snowberry and woods rose, though. Once established it tolerates browse well.


Goes great with wax currant, serviceberry, and mock orange in those drier sunny spots.

golden currant

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  • Ribes aureum

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