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Fringecup is a clumping, shade-loving perennial that spreads via short rhizomes. It's similar to mitrewort, but sort of a more robust, colonizing version. You can expect tight clusters of slightly hairy lobed leaves, and tall delicate wands of little white to pinkish flowers. Look closely at the flowers and you'll see spiky reflexed petals that (to me) have a very sci-fi feel.


Fringecup is well adapted to disturbance and will spread gradually into empty areas to create a dense patch. However, it looks just as nice standing alone (such as in a rock garden). Wetter shadier parts of the yard are ideal, but some sun (preferably morning) is ok. Like pretty much all the plants here, it likes moisture but not standing sogginess, so make sure your soil drains. 


Plant with wild strawberry, merten's sedge, and large-leaf avens to truly cover every last speck of bare ground.



last image credit: Walter Siegmund - Own work, CC BY 2.5,


  • Tellima grandiflora

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