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Pussytoes are a fantastic groundcover for nearly any situation. Stems bearing silver leaves creep along, flowing around rocks, other plants, and down slopes to cover exposed ground and prevent weeds from moving in. In the spring, soft catkin-like flowers are held on 8” stems, giving the plants some temporary height.


Field pussytoes has larger leaves than rosy pussytoes, and the leaves vary in color from green to almost silver. The flowers are generally white or cream. Of all the pussytoes species I grow, I find this species to be the most vigorous and the most versatile. It does well in partial shade and full sun, as long as the soils drain well and you don't over-water. If you're going to get any pussytoes, I recommend mixing several species in a planting for a neat patch-work effect. 


field pussytoes

  • Antennaria rosea

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