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I don't think many would disagree with me when I say that this flower is ridiculously showy. I certainly did a double-take the first time I encountered one, especially since the giant delicate yellow flowers contrast so starkly with the rocky barren slopes this species calls home. 


Blazing star likes extremely well-drained soils with plenty of sunshine (and no aggressive plants to crowd them out). They go perfectly with silverleaf phacelia and any of our cushion plants, such as cushion buckwheat, woolly groundsel, cutleaf daisy, and Missoula phlox. 


Blazing star is a short-lived perennial, so I recommend planting two and letting the seed heads mature. They reseed quite readily, and mulching with a thin layer of gravel will help ensure future generations for your garden. 


Note: this species has a delicate taproot. To remove from container, turn upside-down and squeeze gently, catching the plant with your other hand. The soil may fall away from the roots (that's ok) but try not to break them. 


2nd photo: Stan Shebs [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

blazing star

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  • Mentzelia laeviacaulis
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