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Anise hyssop is native to the eastern half of Montana (think Great Plains), but has been added to the our line-up because it has outstanding pollinator value while being very easy to grow. Pale purple flowers are abuzz with bees in the summer, and the blooms can continue for well over a month, which is long for a native perennial. 


It's in the mint family but is not aggressive. In fact, it doesn't spread underground at all but stays in a friendly easy-to-manage upright clump. This species appreciates some extra moisture and plenty of light, but tolerates partial shade well. 


Anise hyssop likes the same conditions as our more local nettle-leaf giant hyssop, and their respective purple and pink blooms complement each other. Other good companions are wild bergamot, western coneflower, black-eyed susan, and narrow-leaf echinacea.

anise hyssop

  • Agastache foeniculum

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