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Alberta penstemon is the sort of plant that will stop you in your tracks when you are out for a hike. Vivid blue color and a multitude of densely-flowered stems combine for a stunning effect, and the leathery evergreen leaves look nice year round. 


Like most of our native penstemons, Alberta penstemon prefers well-drained rocky soils. This species likes sunnier sites than its cousin the wilcox penstemon, and can often be found atop windswept ridges and rocky outcroppings in our area. Consider planting it on exposed slopes or road cuts or in a rock garden to take full advantage of its fondness for thin soils.


Pair with sticky cinquefoil for a truly delightful yellow-blue pairing (these two species often grow together in the wild). Add clarkia for a few splashes of magenta. Other good companions include prairie junegrass, woolly groundsel, and blanketflower. 

Alberta penstemon

  • Penstemon albertinus

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