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Missoula phlox is a very very special little cushion-forming variety of creeping phlox. It is endemic to our area, meaning it only grows here (and a few other spots in western Montana). It adores wind-swept rocky ridges where water is scarce and life is tough. Due to its small range and limited population, this plant is a Montana Species of Concern and is given special consideration for conservation. Our most visible (and threatened) local population is on the top of Waterworks Hill, at risk of encroaching weeds and trampling by hikers and dogs. 


Our plants were grown from seed collected from several captive, garden-grown specimens, not collected from the wild! They will thrive in a very sunny well drained garden, and are especially suited to thin rocky soils. Large white (sometimes blue-tinted) flowers cover the spikey grey-green foliage in Spring, with an occasional Fall bloom. Plant with fuzzy-tongue penstemon, sticky cinquefoil, pussytoes, woolly groundsel, and bitterroots. Help a threatened species expand its range!

Missoula phlox

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  • Phlox missoulensis
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