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Gooseberry-leaf alumroot is a compact long-lived perennial with an affinity for rocky slopes and ledges. If you have a rock garden or rocky retaining wall, this is your plant. If you don't have an excess of rocks, any very well-drained soil will do (plant on a slope to aid drainage). It is well-behaved in the garden and will maintain a small size and neat appearance.


This alumroot's small shiny kidney-shaped leaves retain their dark green color all year. In the spring, a cluster of leafless stalks bears small cream-colored flowers. Bumblebees are particularly fond of the blossoms. 


This plant puts considerable energy into developing an impressive taproot. It will rely on you to help it establish, but after that it will be very drought tolerant. 

gooseberry-leaf alumroot

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  • Heuchera grossulariifolia

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